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Core Features

Introducing Oort

Oort is an event management tool specialized in professional networking

With Oort, you can maximize the the networking effect at your events

Networking Recommendations

Tailored to your professional interests and goals, we will show you a visualized graph of the people you should meet at that event.

Efficient Event Management

Oort provides event organizers with tools for easy event creation, attendee management, and real-time engagement through polls, surveys and notifications.

Connection Management

Effortlessly manage your new connections post-event, with contacts organized by the events where you met them, simplifying follow-ups and relationship building.

Seamless Follow-Ups

Facilitates post-event communication, allowing users to maintain and nurture connections made at events.



Connect with professionals with the Oort Graph

Discover Events

Discover Events

Explore a wide range of events tailored to your professional interests.

Create Event

Create Event

Effortlessly organize and manage your networking events with powerful tools.



Build your professional profile to showcase your professional journey.